Surname Origins

Dictionary of Yorkshire Surnames - George Redmonds

Autey, Auty, Awty,
From the Scandinavian personal name Auti or Outi, e.g. 1200 William son of Auti, Yorkshire (Reaney).
Examples quoted by Gillian Fellows Jensen show that it was on record in 1086 and remained in occasional use in Yorkshire into the 12th century, long enough to give rise the surname (GFJ43).
Two areas in the West Riding were associated with the surname from that period; that is Thornhill near Dewsbury, and Tickhill, located on Yorkshire's southern border.
The likelihood is that just one family was involved but that has not yet been proved. However, it was in and around Dewsbury that the surname ramified later and most Yorkshire Autys share this ancestry:
1287 Richard Outay, Thornhill (YPRS23/68);
1379 John Auty, Dewsbury (PWTR);
1539 John Awtie, Dewsbury (PR);
1672 Edward Auty, Dewsbury (HT).
In 1881 Autey and Awty survived in the West Riding but were uncommon whereas Auty had a total of 1005: more than 84 percent of the name-bearers lived in Yorkshire and places with the highest counts were: Dewsbury (463) and Wakefield (136).

An Alternative spelling of Auty, e.g. 1686 Daniel Awty alias Otty, Dewsbury and York (SS40/282).
It totalled 154 in 1881 and there were significant groups in Lancashire (46) and Yorkshire (45)

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YRS : Yorkshire Archaeological Society, Records Series
PTWR: Poll Tax West Riding
PR : Parish Registers
HT : Hearth Tax Returns 1672-73
SS : Publications of Surtees Society

Dictionary of English & Welsh Surnames

Auty, Awty,
Bapt. 'the son of Auty' (?)
Seemingley an early personal name. A well-known surname in co. York,
Simon Auty et Johanna uxor ejus 1379: P.T. Yorks. p72
Robertus Auty; ibid. p73
Cecilia Auty; ibid.
George Autie, of Lydiate, 1596: Wills at Chester (1545-1620), p8
1784, Married John Balwin and Eliz. Auty: St Geo Han Sq. i. 363
West Riding Court Dir., 4, I; Boston (U.S.), 2, O

The Oxford Names Companion

English (Yorks); from the ON personal name Autu,
a short form of various cpd personal names with the first
element aud riches, prosperity (cf, OADE)

Oxford Dictionary of English Surnames - Reaney & Wilson

Autie, Auty, Awty: Auti, Alti, Outi 1066 DB;
Outi de Lincol' 1166 P (Nf)
Walterus filius Aulti 1177 P (L)
Willelmus filius Auti 1200 P (Y)
John Oty 1251 Rams (Hu)
John Awty 1524 AD vi (Sf)
ODa Auti